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What are the best Cue & Display Settings for Actors?

Providing the right mix of on-screen displays, cues and cue speeds as well as preroll timings is a process best done with the Actor prior to commencement of the recording session. Actors (VoiceQ Actors or Voice Talent) will have their own preferences which need to be taken into account and included in the workflow.. The use of background and text colours also help differentiate between each character's lines as well as making them clear to read on-screen.

VoiceQ provides both Quick Keys and Shortcut Icons that are readily available to users. These are all highly configurable in VoiceQ Preferences tailored to the needs of Actors, Directors and Engineers alike.

When recording `Loop Groups' or crowd scenes the groups should be set up in VoiceQ as separate characters and named accordingly e.g.. Female Group, Male Group, Monster Group etc. They can either be recorded separately or together depending on what the Director or ADR Supervisor decide for each scene. Looping voices over each other is a good way of creating the right amount of density. You can also cue and record two or more Actors together to enhance performances, particularly when there is intense or comedic interaction between them that you wish to capture.

Whatever the Actors cueing preference, the use of visual aids, in combination with the chosen cueing option is just as important. Some Actors may want to see the waveform on-screen as an indication of intensity in delivery, visual countdown or count up or even a wipe or audible beeps. Whatever cueing and display aids are used VoiceQ is flexible enough to provide in any combination as well as being able to to be turned on and off as appropriate.

Optimum Cueing Recommendation:

We recommend using Scrolling Text (Rythmobande): A technique where dialog is scrolled across the screen, in synch with the movie and when each word hits a vertical trigger bar, that is the cue point for that word to be spoken. We also recommend enabling `Preview Text' in `Subtitle Mode' with a generous Preroll for the Actor to read, commit to memory and deliver when cued by the Rythmobande.

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