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I get an error message when importing my .xlsx file

You must first convert your Excel file into a Tab Delimited Text file format:


  1. Open your file in Excel, delete text that you don’t want to import and save as Tab Delimited Text file format (Unicode UTF-8).
  2. In VoiceQ, Import the file as a `text’ file (File>Import>Text) - this will open the Script Import Window
  3. If applicable - In the Script Import Window uncheck the boxes next to the data you don’t want to import eg. Headers, Title etc (See attached screenshot)
  4.  Also In the Script Import Window:

a.   If applicable - Click on and select the appropriate Field Headers that correspond with the data

b.   Select the Frame rate as appropriate (VoiceQ will automatically select it if the Timecodes are correct)

c.    If Applicable – Check the Extract Screen Notes box and select the appropriate bracket:( ), < >, [ ] or { } 

d.   Select `Import’

NOTE 1: We will shortly release a new Script Import Manager function that will import MS Office WORD and Excel files natively into VoiceQ.

NOTE 2: The Script Import Manager function is always being updated so if you have a set of `Standard’ script files please send them to and we will endeavor to modify the file import function to accommodate these files.

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