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About: Introduction

Dialog recording and replacement is an integral part of making film, television, animation, and games for international release. It is common practice to re-record and synchronize most dialogue and sound effects during the completion of projects. Additionally, most of these projects are translated into alternate languages for worldwide release. VoiceQ is a cueing application that expedites the dialog creation and replacement process during audio production and post-production.

Working with ProTools and other Digital Audio Workstations (DAW’s), VoiceQ harnesses the power of Apple macOS providing multiple simple and easy-to-use features for production and studio professionals. VoiceQ uses PACE iLok security to provide portability, added security and user convenience.

Synchronized scrolling text over video offers talent and technicians a frame-accurate cue making the ADR (Audio Dialogue Replacement) and language dubbing experience efficient, economical and effortless. VoiceQ features a selection of both traditional and innovative cueing methods including countdowns, beeps and streamers and is a great tool for ADR and dubbing Directors who handle a lot of film and television productions. Additional on-screen displays are at your fingertips including timecode, subtitles, audio waves, mixing ruler, and video mask overlays.

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