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How do I get more than one video window?

There is a trick that we can teach you. But we want to advise you to keep it to yourself and your team (kind of unofficial).

Follow the instructions to do the following:

Is it possible to have on two different screens the Picture?

  1. Open the applications folder
  2. Right-Click on your VoiceQ application and select copy
  3. Now paste in a copy of VoiceQ and name it as 'VoiceQ Second' (or your preference.
  4. Next open 'VoiceQ' and open your project
  5. Select the correct DAW functions and sync to Pro-Tools as per usual
  6. Now select ''VoiceQ Second'' and open the same project (Maybe better if you duplicate project incase of mis-match issues)
  7. Now select the same DAW settings and sync.
  8. You should now have 100% control of both copies of VoiceQ from Pro-Tools.
  9. Now open the videos on each VoiceQ application instance and drag to each screen.
  10. You can then select specific characters lines on one application and another to output to the other screen.

You will be using DAW control as Pro-tools will connect them both. Be sure start times match accordingly.

This is our secret workaround and it works 100%. Only issue is performance maybe slow as you are rendering out two instances of the rythmoband otherwise enjoy!

Kind regards,

VoiceQ Support

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